Who we are

A few years ago André quit his job in Marketing to do what he most like: say welcome to people from all over the world and make them feel at home. And after four long years, ERICEIRA SOUL was born.

In 2013, met Filipa and together they began to dedicate all their time to the short-term rental houses in Ericeira.

Later, André talked to the Grandparents, Parents and Brothers to create a Guest House from where the family grew up.

Born and raised in Ericeira, this is where Filipa and André spend most of their time working, but also for recreation.
Surfing has always been a part of their lives but André is the only one who practices in his family.
One of his favorite hobbies is to be with friends at the table with good food.

We like to share experiences and that is why we have dedicated 100% to this activity since we started to receive people in our homes. Thanks of that, now we have friends of various nationalities and a lot more stories to tell.

Being a host is just that, welcome people the best we know and make them feel at home.