Our house

Built to support sardine fishing activities in 1902, with hundreds of men fishing and onshore.

It has 48 meters long facade on the Rua de Santo António and an area of ​​1000 square meters. Employed

At that time, sardine fishing was carried out with fishing nets set at sea. The old boats used in this fishing process were oars and sailing. Nevertheless, the appearance of the boats with steam engines that fish by trawling, determined the extinction of the fixed frames in Ericeira in year of 1931.

In 1935, the ancestor of the current owners, José dos Santos Caré, bought the "Casão da Armação" and opened, in 1936, a workshop of manual carpentry, sale of construction materials and motors for fishing boats.

In the year 1950 this workshop was modernized with sawing and planing machines. In this same workshop were built some wooden boats for the local fishing and made many carpentry works for housing.

This activity lasted more than 50 years.