Our grandfather

Our grandfather, José dos Santos Caré Júnior was born in Ericeira on 19 March 1924.

Passionate about the sea and the village of Ericeira, he dedicated his life to this region, with brief passages through Lisbon where he completed the civil construction course and later with his army passage in the Fourth Artillery Regiment in Leiria, Becoming technical agent of civil construction. He has made projects for almost all the localities of the county of Mafra, including the project of the natural lobster nurseries.

His passion for Ericeira led him to be president of the Parish Council of Ericeira and later he was a member of the Municipal Commission for the Protection of Traditional Edified Heritage of Ericeira.

His cultural and social interventions left a mark on the region, both in his interventions in the former National Broadcaster, as well as a commentator on the radio of the municipality of Mafra.

A man with a vast culture, deep passion for the sea, the art of fishing, Ericeira and his stories. He published several works and participated in various colloquies related to the land and its people.

We inherited a vast collection of photographs and slides that will be displayed in the Guest House and which our grandfather always displayed to show the great difficulties that the fishermen had to leave or enter the port.

He was later recognized with the Municipal Merit Medal, Grau Prata, for the contribution of his work in favor of the Culture and History of Ericeira.

It is today a symbol, reference and example of the will, effort, tenacity and strength, placed at the service of their land.

ERICEIRA SOUL GUEST HOUSE, remembers our grandfather in every gesture of will and strength. We live every second of this dream with the love, passion and sharing we have inherited from our grandfather.