Our brand

We discovered the Ericeira sea, the warm sand beaches and went in search of the surfboards, the sun and the unique blue of the Atlantic. We were dazzled by an endless sea, with the horizon that is always beyond, ahead of us and we built a dream: to share our guest gouse, our brand and receive the World.

We embraced the memories, well kept in a centuries-old house that has passed from generation to generation and tells us so many stories, arts and crafts that are part of the history of the town of Ericeira itself. And we discovered the soul of a village, the brilliance of a project and the memory of a grandfather who became a huge inspiration.

And so a brand is born. And so a dream is born. Dedicated to all our guests who visit us and who discover our hospitality.

Like our house, our brand lives on the small details, dreams about the future and celebrates the past, giving more meaning to the present. Our brand is future and tradition, it is memory and sharing, it is sea and sky. This is our dream.